Wrestling Singlets in Gay and Queer Culture

Wrestling Singlets in Gay and Queer Culture

What is it about the sexy wrestling singlet that makes a noticeable appearance in Gay and Queer culture?

Is it the knowledge that its past is about two men rubbing against each other to get control and complete dominance? Probably.

Is it that humble singlet outlines and makes visible every curve of a man’s body? You Bet!


Then think about the fact that the touch and feel of lycra add soft and sexy sensations to not just yourself, but the person or persons touching it. Now you’ve got the recipe to create a magical and sensual sensation.


What’s the appeal of the wrestling singlet?

Ultimately, wearing one says that you’re modest, or at least pretending to be. They cover up enough of your body so as not to reveal it all to be seen, but it’s still showy, like a second skin, all in one direct and pointed signal to anyone looking at you that every part of your body is tightly outlined. This is truly the great thing about the wrestling singlet. It lets you show off each and every body part, whilst still being covered modestly or not.

 Wrestling Singlet


Playing the fantasy!

The Wrestling Singlet plays into many a homo-erotic fantasy.

Many fantasies are around wrestling (one man’s body, rubbing up another) or general sports and the locker room. So whether it is on the wrestling mat, wrestling with a friend in the bedroom, or a challenger for supreme alpha the wrestling singlet sends that signal.

Many of us love the idea of being in the locker room after a workout and then it leads to sexy and sweaty fun. The roleplaying possibilities of the “Coach” and “Athlete” fantasies, stretching or practicing moves leading to that magical taboo interaction or taking advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves.


Let’s not forget it’s not just the athletes getting in on the action. The embracement of the wrestling singlet in fetish and puppy play is continuing to grow with many pups now embracing the camp and wearable gear. Its also a great way to feel sexy on the dancefloor at a festival and the singlet is becoming more prevalent than ever. 

 Dancefloor Singlet

The best news is that a singlet is sexy, sporty, and full-blown CAMP, all wrapped up in to one garment. It can be as plain coloured or as pimped up as you like. Basic or colourful, the choices are never-ending.


If you love any of these thoughts, feelings or opportunities to get yourself in a singlet look through our range today.

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